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spiderdots software engineering development

Commercial Telecommunications
Commercial, Residential, Wholesale
Help telecommunications and cable companies find a sustainable path for growth and achieve cost leadership by helping them maintain high performance organization, simplify processes, eliminate stovepipes, improve user experience, and improve financial results. We share our clients ambitions and work to understand their needs.

Custom OSS/BSS & VAS Solutions and professional services to help commercial Telecom Operations meet their rapidly changing environments through successful operational transformation, quantifiable cost reductions, and measurable process improvements. This includes systems consolidation, reducing OPEX, increasing automation and simplification, and decreasing Time-To-Market.
Service Provisioning
End-to-end billing, ordering, provisioning support, and customer care integration for residential, commercial, and wholesale customers. Merged or split billing for Voice, Data, and Wireless services. Improve and automate the order process between order entry, CRM systems, billing, product catalog, rate engine, network, and database of records to ensure effective provisioning flow, service activation, services delivery, revenue management, and offerings. Accurate inventory of telecom services, products, plans, contracts, rates, accounts, and recurring and
non-recurring charges.
Billing and Revenue Management
Accurate and manageable revenue assurance to provent revenue leakages, over delivery, data inconsistencies, and fraud. Provide a historical audit including all expenses in your voice, data, video, and wireless infrastructure. In depth knowledge of carrier billing procedures, inventory of services and equipment, pay per view and channel lineup.
Our Services
Telecommunications IT Services
Leadership & organizational structures and processes in support of aligning business operations & IT processes to create business value.
Program Management
Telecom Consulting Services
EVM and Cost Estimation
Best Practices

OSS/BSS Solutions
Well defined, documented, repeatable & integrated processes that are consistently performed in compliance with our clients' overall System Engineering Life Cycle.
Telecom CRM
Revenue Assurance
E2E Billing and Customer Care
Services Provisioning
Operational Readiness
Business Process Reengineering
Documentation of the existing business model to a level that exposes indivisible steps that are the specifications for IT services in support of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) implementations. Evaluation of the efficiency of the business model. Reengineer the business processes to optimize operations and systems performance.
Telecom Business Model
Telecom Process Designs
Inventory & Asset Management
Procedures (Billing, Ordering, Provisioning)
Digital Media
High performing website solutions, architecture and high-quality online customer experience while ensuring secure and fast delivery of your high quality content.
Web Design & Development
Mobile Applications
Information Architecture
Cloud Solution & Virtualization
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
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