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System Engineering
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System Engineering & Integration
At SpiderDots, we support key System Engineering and Integration to successfully implement applications. We use established processes to ensure all system & software engineering tasks are defined, documented, integrated and consistently performed in compliance with our clients’ overall System Engineering Life Cycle (SELC) and we verify that all project deliverables are consistent with each other.

The software development process is one component of SpiderDots SELC. Business requirements are received from the Release and Project Management process where software requirements are analyzed, baselined, documented, developed and coded into actual software in the software development process. The baselined requirements are managed throughout the development process by the Release and Project Management process. The Quality Assurance process reviews and audits software deliverables such as documents and software. The Configuration Management process provides control methods, such as tools for checking code in and out in order to control modifications to existing code. These major processes support the development of quality software deliverables and efforts range in size from very large to moderate.

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