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Release & Project Management
At SpiderDots, we support key Release and Project Management activities. Our strategy ensures that releases and projects are completely defined at the beginning of an effort and subsequently planned and tracked so they remain consistent with the original vision throughout their lifecycle.

There are four major components to Release and Project Management:
  • Requirements Management
  • Release and Project Planning
  • Tracking and Oversight
  • Software Subcontract Management
Release & Project Management activities
  • Define the overall release approach
  • Approve requests for changes to requirements
  • Ensure configuration management is performed
  • Ensure quality assurance activities are performed
  • Conduct scheduled reviews of release status
  • Keep client informed throughout the lifecycle
  • Deliver software release
  • Conduct post-implementation review
  • Plan and track projects for software releases
  • Maintain project profile & report on project status
  • Baseline release requirements
  • Manage release scope and capacity
  • Manage requirements analysis & design activities
  • Plan and manage release implementation activities/schedules
  • Resolve high-impact production trouble tickets
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